ISO 14001:2005 Changes – Clause 7

7. Support

7.1 Changes – Resources

  • Accepts Annex SL text without change
  • Replaces old clause 4.4.1 on Resources, Roles, Responsibility, and Authority
  • Management Representative not required
  • Resources can include:
    • human resources (specialized skills and knowledge);
    • natural resources; technology; financial resources;
    • infrastructure (buildings, equipment, underground tanks, and drainage system).
7.2 Changes – Competence

  • Replaces “Competence” part of old 4.4.2 on Competence, Training, and Awareness
  • Changes from persons must be competent if can cause an environmental impact,
    to if they affect environmental performance or ability to fulfill compliance requirements
  • Adds NOTE on examples of applicable actions (training, mentoring, reassignment, hiring, contracting)
Competence (3.3.1) is the ability to apply knowledge and skills to achieve intended results.
7.3 Changes – Awareness

  • Elevates “Awareness” in 4.4.2 on Competence, Training, and Awareness to its own clause
  • Adds awareness of the benefits of enhanced environmental performance
  • Policy awareness means aware of its existence, purpose, and role in meeting commitments
  • Does not mean that must have personal copy of policy or that it needs to be memorized
7.4 Changes – Communication

  • Replaces old clause 4.4.3 on Communication
  • More explicit: What, When, Whom, and How
  • Adds need for consistent and reliable information
  • Adds to communicate changes to system
  • Adds role of communications in contributing to continual improvement
  • Adds to communicate per communications process and compliance obligations
7.5 Documented Information
7.5.1 Changes – General

  • Replaces parts of old clause 4.4.4 on Documentation
  • Adds NOTE that extent of documented information for system can differ from one organization to another
  • No longer documented:
    • Targets (old 4.4.4.a) – Now “Objectives”
    • Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities (old 4.4.1)
    • Description of main EMS elements (old 4.4.4.c)
  • If working well, no need to withdraw documents
7.5.2 Changes – Creating and Updating

  • Uses Annex SL text without change
  • Relates to old clause 4.4.5 on Control of Documents and 4.5.4 on Control of Records
  • Adds description, format, and media examples
7.5.3 Changes – Control of Documented Information

  • Uses Annex SL text without change
  • Replaces old clause 4.4.5 on Control of Documents
  • Includes requirements from old clause 4.5.4 on Control of Records
  • Adds examples of the need for protection:
    • loss of confidentiality
    • improper use
    • loss of integrity
  • Adds NOTE on types of access to documented information
Prepare to audit EMS with limited documentation. Rely on interviews and observation of activities.