ISO 14001:2005 Changes – Clause 9

9. Performance Evaluation

9.1 Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Evaluation
9.1.1 Changes – General

  • Replaces old 4.5.1 on Monitoring and Measurement
  • Adds to communicate environmental performance and effectiveness of EMS
  • Adds to determine criteria for evaluating environmental performance (and indicators)
  • Adds “what” and “when” for monitoring and measurement
  • Adds “when” for analysis and evaluation
9.1.2 Changes – Evaluation of Compliance

  • Replaces old 4.5.2 on Evaluation of Compliance
  • Previously compliance with legal and other requirements; now “compliance obligations”
  • Adds to determine frequency of evaluations
  • Adds to maintain knowledge and understanding of compliance status
  • Clarifies documented information is retained as evidence of compliance evaluation results
9.2 Changes – Internal Audit

  • Replaces old clause 4.5.5 on Internal Audits
  • Now considers changes affecting organization
  • Revised from determining if EMS “properly” implemented to “effectively” implemented
  • Clarifies audit frequency and audit methods are planned for “audit program”;
    audit criteria and audit scope are defined for “each audit”
  • Adds need for documented information as evidence of audit program implementation
 9.3 Changes – Management Review

  • Replaces old 4.6 on Management Review
  • Moves follow-up actions to top of review inputs
  • Adds changes in internal and external issue
  • Adds changes in needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Adds changes in risks and opportunities
  • Adds environmental performance to include trends
  • Adds adequacy of resources to maintain EMS
  • Drops review of “preventive action” for “risks”
  • Adds output on conclusions on EMS effectiveness
  • Adds output on decisions on resource needs
  • Adds output on actions if objectives not achieved
  • Adds output on implications for strategic direction