6. ISO 10006:2017

ISO 10006:2017, “Quality management – Guidelines for quality management in projects” is available for the application of quality management in projects. This third edition of the standard replaces ISO 10006:2003.

ISO 10006 is applicable to organizations working on projects of varying complexity, small or large, of short or long duration. It can be an individual project or part of a program or portfolio of projects, in different environments, and irrespective of the kind of product/service or process involved. The intent is to satisfy project interested parties by introducing quality management in projects. This can necessitate some tailoring of the guidance to suit a specific project.

ISO 10006 is not a guide to project management itself. It presents guidance on quality in project management processes. Guidance on project management and related processes is covered in ISO 21500.

The 34-page ISO 10006:2017 standard can be purchased at this ISO web page for about $140.

Members of ANSI can buy it for $129.60 at this ANSI web page. The price for non-ANSI members is $162.00.

Table of Contents:

4. Quality management systems in projects
4.1 Context and characteristics of the project
4.2 Quality management principles
4.3 Project quality management processes
4.4 Quality plan for project

5. Management responsibility in projects
5.1 Top management commitment
5.2 Strategic process
5.3 Management reviews and progress evaluations

6. Resource management in projects
6.1 Resource-related processes
6.2 Personnel-related processes

7. Product/service realization in projects
7.1 General
7.2 Interdependent processes
7.3 Scope-related processes
7.4 Time-related processes
7.5 Cost-related processes
7.6 Communication-related processes
7.7 Risk-related processes
7.8 Procurement processes

8. Measurement, analysis, and improvement in projects
8.1 General
8.2 Measurement and analysis
8.3 Improvement

Annex A: Overview of processes for quality management in projects
Annex B: Cross-reference matrix between this document, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 21500:2012