Safety Report

The 2018 Annual Safety Progress Report from SafeStart and EHS Daily Advisor was developed based on the survey responses from 531 environmental, health, and safety professionals.


The participants listed their top seven most pressing safety concerns as:

1. Employee engagement (48%)
2. Employees taking shortcuts or ignoring the rules (44%)
3. Supervisor participation in safety programs (38%)
4. Common recurring injuries, e.g., slips, trips, and falls (32%)
5. Lackluster safety culture (30%)
6. Organizational and/or leadership buy-in (28%)
7. Clashes between safety and production (26%)


The top three obstacles to implementing safety improvements were identified as:

1. Budget (57%)
2. Competing with other operational projects/priorities (50%)
3. Training time/logistics (43%)


When asked to choose the statement that best describes the compliance of their safety programs, they selected:

“We have an excellent safety program that goes well beyond OSHA compliance.” (15%)

“We are trying to take our safety program to the next level beyond compliance.” (40%)

“We are compliant with OSHA standards but have made no efforts to go beyond minimum compliance.”  (14%)

“We are not fully compliant with OSHA standards yet, but we’re actively trying to fix gaps in our compliance.” (24%)

“We are not compliant with OSHA regulations and unable to comply due to limited resources or lack of commitment.” (6%)

To download the full 40-page report, go to this web page.