Tackling Counterfeit

A new brochure on “Tackling Counterfeit with IEC and ISO Standards” is available for a free download from this web page.

The first page of the brochure sets the stage:

“In Roman times it was wine, in mediaeval times it was textiles and weapons, today it is everything from personal computers to potency pills. Counterfeit goods are nothing new, but with globalization, the Internet and increased movement of goods, the fakes business is booming.”

The brochure answers the questions “What exactly are counterfeit goods?” and “How does counterfeit affect you?”

The brochure provides counterfeit examples for Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Food, and Consumer Products. For each industry, it answers the questions, “What are the risks?” and “How can I spot a fake?”, and then identifies the IEC and ISO standards that can help.