Achieving Objectives

An earlier article in this newsletter addressed the requirements to “establish” quality objectives. This article covers the requirements for planning how to “achieve” quality objectives.

ISO 9001:2015, 6.2.2, states that when planning how to achieve quality objectives, the organization must determine:

a) what will be done;

According to ISO/TS 9002:2016, this simply means to determine the actions that need to be implemented to achieve the quality objectives.

b) what resources will be required;

Ensure that sufficient resources are made available;

c) who will be responsible;

Determine who is responsible for achieving specific quality objectives. The responsibility could be assigned to a team or department rather than an individual.

d) when it will be completed;

Decide as part of the plan when an action will complete.

e) how the results will be evaluated.

Decide how the results of the action will be evaluated.

ISO/TS 9002 says that evaluating the results of achieving specified quality objectives can be part of management review, performance appraisals, or done through other means such as project management with proposed completion dates, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or ongoing review or feedback meetings.