Guidelines for Recruitment

ISO 30405:2016, “Human resource management – Guidelines for recruitment”

Recruitment is a major part of human resource management, including the necessary activities an organization undertakes to attract, source, assess, and employ people.

The impact of recruitment on organizational performance was noted in a survey conducted of 4,288 executives from 102 countries by the World Federation of People Management Association. It found that organizations ranked in the top 20% in terms of ability to deliver on recruiting, experienced up to 3.5 times the revenue growth and as much as twice the average profit margin of other organizations.

ISO 30405 aims to help organizations focus and deliver on recruitment performance objectives by providing guidance on:

1. recruitment policy development;
2. the flow from the sourcing of potential applicants to the boarding of new recruits;
3. evaluation and measurement.

The 19-page ISO 30405 standard is available for about $138 at this ISO web page.

Related Human Resource Management standards on recruitment are:

  • ISO/TS 30407:2017, “Cost-Per-Hire”;
  • ISO/TS 30410:2018, “Impact of hire metric”;
  • ISO/TS 30411:2018, “Quality of hire metric”.