Audits are used to determine your conformity with specified requirements. These requirements may be expressed by customers, written in your procedures, found in government regulations, or stated in the applicable management system standards.

We can perform a gap analysis, referred to as a baseline audit, to determine the current state of your management system and suggest the appropriate implementation plan for full conformity.

You can have us train your internal auditors, as well as, participate in your internal audits for improved assessments of your management system.

A pre-assessment by one of our auditors will evaluate your readiness for the certification audit and help you make the necessary corrections to your management system.

We can provide the audit procedure, forms, and checklists for use at your organization. We can even help you select the best Certification Body (Registrar) to meet your unique business needs.

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Independent, third party auditing firms conduct certification audits to verify the conformity of your organization to the requirements of the applicable standard. These accredited auditing bodies are called Certification Bodies (Registrars) and issue certificates to indicate your scope of certification.

Your Certification Body should be selected months before you want or need your certificate. These auditing companies are very busy and may have a backlog of assessment requests due to the ongoing surveillance audits of their current clients.

Picking a Certification Body for your organization is an important decision. Be careful when comparing costs. Their different packaging of services may make it difficult to evaluate prices. Also, consider their experience, reputation, attitude, and geographic coverage. Negotiate the best possible price based on your company size, business complexity, the selected standard, and the number of sites included in your certification scope.

We have listed the primary Certification Bodies below that use our auditors on a contract basis. You may contact them and request information that describes their company and services. You can use this information to narrow your search and request price quotes for your scope of certification.

A full list of accredited Registrars (Certification Bodies) can be viewed at:

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