Internal Audits

Internal audits are carried out by your organization using auditors that are impartial and objective. These audits are required by management system standards to assess your conformity to requirements. However, they can also be used to identify ways to improve your system for more efficient and effective operation.

We can help you set up your internal audit program, including policies, procedures, schedules, forms, checklists, and training. Our experienced and certified auditors can be used to conduct the internal audits and coach your auditors on how to perform their own valuable assessments.

We suggest one of our public classes if you have a small number of employees to train as auditors. You may choose our on-site auditor course at your location for a cost effective way to train more students, as well as, to have your own audit procedure and forms used in the class exercises.

We can include a practice audit at your facility as part of the training to give the students a chance to apply their new auditing skills. They will plan the practice audit during class and receive feedback on how well they interviewed people, observed operations, and examined records.

If you would like to arrange for auditor training or an internal audit, or outsource your audit program to us, please submit a proposal request.

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