Whether you have used our services or not, you may want to invite us to your facility to perform a pre-assessment audit. Our experienced and certified auditors work for accredited Registrars and can determine if your management system is ready for the upcoming certification audit.

Since our auditors actually conduct certification audits for other clients, they are in a position to correctly interpret the requirements for your system. They can alert you to any deficiencies and consult with you to implement the best practices.

We suggest that our auditors conduct the pre-assessment using your own internal audit procedure. They will document any findings with your forms for easy entry into the corrective action process. Performing the audit in this manner also ensures your internal audit reports reflect proper coverage of the functional areas and management standard requirements.

You can assign internal auditors as our escorts during the pre-assessment visit to give them an opportunity to see our experienced auditors in action. They can learn from watching us interview people, observe operations, review documents, and examine records.

If you would like to arrange a pre-assessment for your organization, please submit a proposal request.

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