Customized Courses

We offer onsite courses that can be tailored for your organization. We adjust the course content and class duration to match the needs of the audience.

Our overview courses address the applicable management system standard. The requirements are interpreted for your unique industry. And, the overview level matches the audience; in other words, it can be for senior management, implementation teams, internal auditors, or process users.

Our documentation course is held in a workshop environment to develop some of the actual procedures, instructions, or forms identified on your project plan. The consultant acts as a coach during the class to help the students develop clear, complete, and usable documents.

Our internal auditor course uses your own audit procedure and forms to train students on your specific process. We can arrange for the course to develop a plan for a practice audit to be conducted at the end of the class. Our consultants will participate in the audit to observe and coach the students as they apply their skills in an operational setting.

We are available by telephone or email to answer any questions that may arise after class. This valuable feedback is provided at no charge and helps students effectively apply the knowledge gained at the course.

If you would like to arrange for consulting services for your organization, please submit a proposal request.

Whittington & Associates

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