Project Planning

To define an implementation plan, you first need to know the state of your management system. Our gap analysis is a baseline audit to assess current practices and identify any missing or weak areas.

We suggest a management overview of the applicable management system standard before we perform the gap analysis. This training session provides management with a better understanding of the requirements and allows them to respond more fully to our interview questions.

If our consultants determine an area needs improvement, they don’t just write it down for the report. They share the reasons with you and discuss typical practices for an effective and conforming operation.The results of the gap analysis are reported to management and used to prepare a proposed project plan.

Our consultants use the results of a gap analysis of your management system to propose a project plan tailored to your organization. We use our experience to develop a realistic plan that matches your available resources, as well as, the level of consulting support from us.

The project plan will identify your key implementation activities, assign responsibilities, and establish reasonable completion dates. We help you prepare a responsibility matrix to identify key process owners and users.

Our consultants meet periodically with your management team and project leaders to assess progress, review deliverables, and offer suggestions. At the appropriate times, we conduct training sessions to prepare your staff for their document writing and internal auditing assignments.

If you would like to arrange for consulting services for your organization, please submit a proposal request.

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