Six Sigma

Six Sigma, as coined by Motorola in the 1980s, represents what is now the most advanced quality initiative available. Six Sigma has become the world standard for improving all types of product and service operations. It is a systems approach to improving organizational performance.

Whittington & Associates, through the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), provides two certification training programs to help employees understand the critical success factors of Six Sigma initiatives (Green Belt Certification) and to acquire the in-depth statistical methodologies for leading Six Sigma project teams in the analysis of process improvements (Black Belt Certification).

  • Green Belt Certification
    3-Day workshop. Participants learn about data collection and the interpretation of the data, specifically as it relates to the Six Sigma processes
  • Black Belt Certification
    3-Week, Intensive Training Program spread over a 3-Month period. Emphasis is on application of statistical concepts and methodologies for effective process improvements.

Whittington & Associates

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